Life, DOOLEYnoted

Sometimes I walk around my little corner of the world and just kinda freak out.

Let me explain: I freak out because everyday I walk out my door I see palm trees swaying in the Florida breeze. I freak out because for some reason the Lord has blessed me big time with some really top notch, crazy talented, brilliantly creative, lovely human beings to become my friend family. I freak out due to the inspiring university I am blessed to attend. I freak out because three years ago I was in such a dark place, and now here I am. Sunshine doesn't scare me anymore- it's my daily atmosphere. I freak out because I know that the Lord has implanted words into my heart- but sharing them is, well S C A R Y. So after a whoooooole lot of internal fighting,  I decided to create this: DOOLEYnoted. 

DOOLEYnoted was birthed after a dear friend of mine told me I was going to be his friend because my last name was punny. I changed my instagram name- which is basically changing your whole identity- and thought that was enough. BUT here I am, writing thoughts on a page for someone, somewhere to read- how odd, yet entirely fascinating. 

DOOLEYnoted will have no real structure, no real theme, no real overarching aesthetic. Just me. Typing thoughts, feelings, but mostly sassy remarks. You'll see me (well read this) on my worst days, and on my best. On the days where I think my world is crashing, and when I'm on top of the world. I'm excited to bring you along for the journey. I'd buckle your figurative seat belts now~ it's gonna get bumpy. 

DOOLEYnoted: summed up is a college girl, with a laptop, an opinion, and hopefully a bit of hope at the end of it all. 

I hope you take a look around your life this week- it's more beautiful than you think it is. 

welcome to DOOLEYnoted, welcome to my brain, welcome to the madness.



a letter to the strong friend

sweet friend,

i can tell today has been a hard day- your heart is heavy, your mind is overwhelmed, and your life is seeming to be a little too hectic. but when someone comes up, when someone asks you that question- the one you secretly dread, the one you always answer the same way- you smile. you smile despite the tears that want to pour out of your eyes. you smile despite the hurting you have been holding. you smile, look them in the eyes and lie. you smile and say “i’m great! how are you?”.

i apologize for not stopping to ask how you really are. i apologize for allowing you to adopt a mindset that you have to be “okay” for everyone else. i apologize for allowing you to feel that your life must be perfect in order to feel confident and loved. my love, if i could tell you one thing it would be this: it’s okay to not be okay.

it’s okay.

it’s okay.

it’s okay. i promise it’s okay.

my sweet friend, you never have to be something that you’re not. you never have to build a persona around yourself that exudes a sense of confidence, assurance, and okayness. i know it’s hard, but let someone in, let them fight your battles alongside of you- this life wasn’t meant to be lived by yourself. let your heart settle into a place of authenticity. a place of “i’m not okay, but one day soon i will be.” because one day you will be.

so my sweet friend, how are you? how are you really? let’s grab a coffee and chat ❤